Black-Owned Agencies: Making Their Mark on the Digital Marketing World

OnlineAndrea is a black-owned agency that helps socially inclusive brands impact and empower more people through strategic digital marketing strategies. It offers a wide range of services, from training stakeholders in the use of social media as a tool to grow the business to helping brands manage their social media presence and grow their business in the process. KSW Social Media Management, a boutique social media management company based in Las Vegas, is the product of a true social media lover and creator of online communities. It's founded by Kalea Sanders-Wright, a phenomenal black woman who thrives on collaboration, organization and good relationships.

He is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are effective and affordable. Brazen Marketer is a marketing agency based in New York City that helps nonprofits and small businesses win new customers with effective brand strategies and marketing executions. It is owned by Venessa Matthew, who has 15 years of experience working with nonprofits and small businesses. He also has extensive market research experience with larger corporations such as PepsiCo, Dr.

Pepper Snapple Group, and Johnson & Johnson. Black Creative Group is a black-owned marketing agency founded on an effort to empower small businesses with a full range of marketing and advertising services. They are determined to provide you with a greater return than your initial investment. Marketing Guardians is a subscription-based, full-service strategic marketing and creative agency that specializes in using the power of history to help your business grow.

They focus on helping companies clarify their message and create the right marketing pieces. Marketing Guardians is owned by Stephen and Melissa Ramkissoon. Klever Digital specializes in web design, digital advertising, lead generation and marketing consulting. The team applies its extensive experience to determine the strategies that will best enable its clients to achieve clear and long-term objectives.

Klever Digital was founded by Jacovia Cartwright. Ekaete Inyang offers website design, development, online marketing, social media management, website administration and hosting. Founded by Ekaete Inyang, the agency will work with you to define a vision and strategy to take your business to the next level and be there with you all the time. Jimmy Newson Consulting helps clients with strategy, planning and problem solving.

Topics may include creating a new business model, updating processes and contracting, creating a new marketing plan, and determining which tools and techniques are best for execution. The company was founded by Jimmy Newson, an industry leader who has worked with major national brands such as Microsoft and AT&T. With a mission dedicated to seeing its clients grow, it's clear that EraBright is an agency that cares about the well-being of every business that seeks its help. The organization launched to provide quality and affordable SEO services, a rarity to say the least.

Since the company was founded, each of its experienced team members has been following this mission. In an effort to empower every small business they encounter, this team offers a full range of marketing and advertising sales to get the job done right. With a mix of determination and skill, Black Creative Group is on a mission to turn every small investment in company skills into substantial long-term benefits. This is a team that focuses on elevating the brands of its customers, as well as the message it conveys to any target market.

Whether it's partnering through influencers or providing strategies, every brand that works with Black Girl Digital is more profitable. By targeting every action to an audience, Black Girl Digital transforms marketing results. After hours and hours of research and training to hone the skills needed to thrive in the marketing business, IPullRank can deliver satisfying results. From strategic planning and content strategy to promotion and measurement, this team ensures that your marketing strategies match an appropriate return on investment.

A team full of energetic creatives, 360i immerses itself in the culture of each brand and audience so that they can find a way to marry the two. They are experts in meetings, with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the adaptability that a brand must possess to maintain its high market share. When this team engages with a customer, it shows results that will last for many years to come. McLamb Group Media is a digital marketing company run by black women that has a dedicated team of digital marketers with decades of experience in the Internet and SEO.

There are hundreds of thousands of agencies out there but I gathered some of the best black-owned agencies that are producing incredible work, establishing meaningful partnerships and making their mark on the world. For a long time, the black community has struggled to gain as little recognition for their uniqueness as a race of dark-skinned humans. As the resilient and creative race they are, the black community has seized this opportunity and is changing the narrative. Goldiata Creative is a black-owned business and marketing agency that offers the full suite of digital marketing services such as website development, email campaigns, social media, paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

Their efficient marketing strategies have earned them a place among the world's top black-owned agencies. However times have changed - although not entirely desirable - but commendable progress has been made with regard to the inclusion of the black community in various industries including digital marketing where Black Creative Group specializes in helping clients reach diverse consumers through culturally relevant messaging, marketing and design. Black Creative Group is a black-owned agency that focuses on empowering small businesses through providing them with full range of services from website development to SEO optimization so they can get maximum return on their investment.