The Power of Black in Advertising

Black is a popular color in retail, and for good reason. In the psychology of color, the meaning of the color black symbolizes mystery, power, elegance and sophistication. On the contrary, it can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger. Many fashion retailers have used black in their logos to convey authority, power and control.

It has an air of mystery and secrecy, and can be used to convey emotion or extreme emotions. Red actually increases heart rate by activating the pituitary gland, so food companies use red in store signage to stimulate appetite and improve metabolism. A recent study found that changing the price color from black to red in an ad makes men think they are getting a bargain. Black is highly prized for its highly functional design aesthetic. It is often used in situations where high contrast and readability are the most important factors.

Readex Research published the same ad twice, first in black and white and then a second time in color. When the ad was published in color, 33% more survey participants remembered seeing it. It's the color associated with power, elegance, magic and fear. It can be creepy or classic, and it can be used to represent a whole spectrum of meanings in bold and powerful ways. In this color psychology series, we'll discover why the color black is important in our daily lives and how we interact with this color subliminally. Black is very bold, but that's certainly not a bad thing.

It is a color that leaves a very powerful and striking mark and can give a feeling of superiority and strength. I find it fascinating to see a brand logo in black, whether it's used for elegance, power, or strong presence, it can easily resonate with these brand characteristics. Delving deeper into the perception of black, it is used for more than just denoting power and is equally used for its classic and elegant appeal. The well-known “little black dress” is considered elegant and, in some ways, is considered more luxurious than a colorful dress. In stark contrast to the positive associations of black, the color black can have an unwelcoming and threatening feel. Not surprisingly, color is used to represent death and that the custom of wearing black at a funeral dates back to the Roman Empire.

This tradition began when the Romans wore dark robes as a symbol of their mourning and it remains a tradition that is still used a lot today in Western culture. The connection between the color black and death is reflected even in our current terms and is used to describe comedy of a taboo nature. Black comedy, or black comedy, is a comic style that uses serious themes such as pain or death as the central focus to base its humor. Leaving associations aside, black is the color of text used in all important documentation since it has the highest contrast with white which means it is extremely readable. You'll notice that most government websites and materials use this combination because of its clarity. On brands, a black logo can look elegant yet powerful and is used for its clean strong and unadorned look. Choosing a brand's color can have a powerful effect; it's the first aspect people see in a logo and as we've discovered it can have a powerful effect on how people interpret and understand your brand. Below is a collection of 10 leading brands that use black to their advantage; all of these share some similar characteristics; they are all bold and direct they represent quality and trust in their personalities perhaps they resonate with the personality of the “little black dress”?Psychologically black means authority power and control.

In many situations it can be intimidating hostile and inaccessible Alternatively it can be seen as sophisticated dignified and serious. When using the color black in commercial applications you need to understand the traits qualities and mood of color along with psychological meaning Common associations with the color black are authority power protection strength formal sophisticated seductive and mystery Black is an easy color to use to achieve this due to its ability to provide high contrast with a large majority of colors. Reserve black for section backgrounds important text or calls to action at the bottom of the funnel but don't use all of these black elements in the same section In this example you'll notice how black and orange rise above each other making both colors much more dominant than they would be on their own. While black can be an asset to the emotion your brand wants to convey you should be careful when using color in your designs In other cinematographic references most of the “evil” characters or villains are portrayed in black clothes Using black as support for additional elements can radiate elegance while too much black can be totally bleak and unattractive. Tips for working with black: The color black is perfect for selling luxury elegance and sophistication Black is favored by the youth market between 16-25 years old approximately who are still trying to find their own sense of identity and place in this world Some brands opt for black & white to convey a message of traditionalism while others opt for kaleidoscope design in hope of differentiating themselves from competition The high contrast provided by black allows certain elements of page (such as backgrounds) to recede so user can focus on product.